3 thoughts on “Color Climax – Bestsellers 250

  1. Hi Pest, I have a mystery on my hands and hope you might know the answer.

    The 6th loop in Bestsellers 250 is called “Big Cock” starring John Holmes and a brunette. I have this loop and the title is correct in the film, however no such title is listed anywhere in any of the CCC indexes or various series nor is it on any of the lists that I have (and my lists are pretty complete). Do you know anything about this title’s individual series name and issue number? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Randy.
      Hmm… A mystery indeed. I have no explanation for this. My best bet is that it is from the sexOrgy series. That is because I have found other CCC loops in that series that never made it to the catalogue. There is, for example, a Tiny Tove loop that never got its own listing. A mysterious decision since Tove was such a huge star.
      Sorry buddy, I wish I could help.

      1. Thanks, Pest, I appreciate your consideration on this. Bestsellers 247 has another loop “Big ‘n’ Busty” which also doesn’t have it’s own individual loop number anywhere. I wish there was someone around at CCC from those days who could tell us about these anomalies!


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