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Welcome To Pestreels

The home of the shitty, gritty loops and reels of yesteryear, and the sleazy videotapes we all remember our fathers had tucked away in the basement. The ambition is to collect as many of these loops as possible and correspond them to the right boxcover or inlay image. All content are believed to be public domain, and everything is collected from various non-commercial sourced on the internet.

In the interest of record keeping, we have decided to keep titles and descriptions as they were made fifty-odd years ago. Even the offensive ones…

Some titles have a # mark at the end in the index list. This symbolizes a full collection complete to the best of our knowledge.

As previously mentioned, some of the titles and themes on this site may seem offensive and improper by today’s standard. However, on the contrary to what may be implied, all actors and models are confirmed to be over 18 years of age. No incest were performed, and no rape or abduction were being staged. What we today may consider to be offensive racial slur, were a common thing at the time, especially in Europe. Such were the days, we can’t change history.

Once again we wish to stress the fact that all actors and models in these movies are confirmed to be over the age of 18, despite using suggestive titles such as Lolita, Fifteen or similar. All material on this site is believed to be public domain, and is entirely collected from the internet.
Please Make yourself at home, and happy surfing.